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I have been a keen photographer since I was about 18 starting with an Olympus Trip (I’m sure if you’re old enough you remember the David Bailey adverts) and I progressed onto a Minolta X300 SLR encouraged by a work colleague. When Digital became a thing and film fell out of favour I moved onto various point and shoot cameras which also gave great results. But then in early 2020 I decided to buy an 8 year old Canon DSLR for the controllability and then Lockdown came. I live near woodland and so could get out and avoid people but take photos and I have not stopped. I even got out my X300 which still works and started shooting Black and White with this as well and have rediscovered the magic of film.

This site contains some of the results of this endeavour. As time goes I will add more photos to the site. It’s all been very random while I find my feet with this again but I’ve had a few successes along the way.

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