Photography Saved My Sanity (well almost).

I am so glad that in February 2020, on a mission to take pictures of the night sky, I decided to invest about £200 in a second hand Canon DSLR. 3 weeks later (and well you know what happened so I won’t bore you with that) I started taking longer and longer walks and taking as many photos of the spring countryside within a mile or 2 radius of where I live. About 20,000 photos later here I am.

When I had no work (and I had very little in those first few months of Lockdown) I managed to keep myself amused with taking pictures of the surrounding area, then birds, then animals etc. I’ve learnt a whole load about the local birds and animals such as types of deer and I’ve met a whole load of people (at a sensible social distance) and made a quite a few new friends.

More to come….